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Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions.

The taxi booking device connects to the internet using its built-in SIM card.

The taxi booking device is able to handle a maximum of 50 simultaneous bookings, more than enough to cope with even the busiest of venues.

The device is capable of booking 2 different vehicles types. A single press of the button will book the default vehicle type, whilst two successive presses will book the secondary vehicle type. This feature needs to be activated by our team and is subject to the vehicle availability of our local partner. Please check with your account manager.

As part of our partnership program, we always ensure that the partner in question and that our taxi booking device abides by local regulations, policies, and requirements. If you have any questions regarding this, please reach out to our team on

Passengers may be subject to paying an extra service (hotel) booking fee when a taxi is booked using a Venue Butler device. The booking fee may differ per service area and is communicated to the passenger on the device.